Different Dance Forms of Kerala

KathakaliKerala which is also known as God’s Own Country, is a state located in the southern part of India, which is one of the most visited tourist destination by globetrotters. The state is famous for its backwater lagoons, its rich herbal medicinal heritage, adventure tourism, dance forms, festivals and other beautiful sightseeing destinations.

The rich traditional art and culture of God’s Own Country “Kerala” signifies in its several dance forms and martial arts. Different types of Kerala dance forms are famous throughout the world, among them ‘Kathakali’ is the popular one. Dances are classified into three categories they are:

  • Kerala Classical Dances
  • Kerala Traditional Dances
  • Kerala Folk Dances

 Kerala Classical Dances-

Kathakali, Krishnanattom, Mohiniyattam, Thulllal and Koodiyattam are the different types of Kerala Classical Dance. Stylish Kathakali is the most famous classical dance of the state. The five important elements of this dance are Natyam (Facial Expressions), Nirtham (Soft Movements of Body, Hands and Legs), Nrithyam (The unique gestures of Hands), Geetha (Song) and Vadyam (Instrument). The gorgeous make-up of the characters, splendid colorful costumes and soft flexible body movements to the tune of background music and beat of drum captivates the attention of the viewers.

Kerala Traditional Dances-

In ancient days, dancing is performed in Temples as an important of festivals and occasions. Traditional dances of Kerala are rhythmic movements of the body to the tune of music and Tala. Most of the Kerala festivals are celebrated with dance in temples.

Kerala Folk Dances-

Kerala Folk Dances are categorized according to the locality and community. There are around 50 types of Kerala folk dance. Few names of popular are: Theyyam, Kaikottikali, Kolkali, Oppana, Thumbithullal, Velakali, Parichamuttukali and Margamkali. Costumes are also different with the type of folk dance.

The development of dancing is closely related with the growth and development of society. In India, Kerala has one of the most celebrated and famous ethnicity in the field of dance and martial art. There are many cultural centers and schools where tourist can enjoy such attractive dances. Special dance performances are also arranged for the tourists by many organizations and associations.

Packages offered by travel companies for Kerala tour price are cost effective and one can choose their favorite itinerary. Visit Kerala this vacation and explore its different type of dance forms assuring that their flexible body movements and facial expression will lure your attentions. Enjoy your holiday with great fun and entertainment in the lap of Mother Nature.



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