Manipur – a hidden state in the northeastern part of India is richly artistic with natural splendor and ornamented with mosaic fashion of art and culture. The valley Imphal which is the capital of the state is mainly populated by people who follows Hindu Religion and Sanamahi. The hill areas are populated by different types of tribes such as Kukis and Nagas. The common language of all these different societies is Meiteilon. Citizens of Manipur are well-known as Meiteis.

In comparison with other regions of the country, the tradition and culture of here is very unique. The rich culture and heritage can be seen in their ethnic wear. Typical Manipuri Women wear Phanek and Enaphi.

What is PHANEK?

A beautiful girl wearing Innaphi and Mayek Naibi

A beautiful girl wearing Innaphi and Mayek Naibi

PHANEK is the ethnic wear commonly wear by the female of Manipur. It is just like a SARONG wear in other regions of the world. But, Manipur Phanek is very different from other because of its unique style, design and color. Made up of cotton, silk and other synthetic materials. MAYEK NAIBI is the special Phanek which worn when they go out for office work or in a marriage ceremony. It is to be worn like a wraparound. The bottom of the Mayek Naibi adorned with heavy  embroidery work in different designs.

What is ENAPHI?

A beautiful girl wearing Innaphi

A beautiful girl wearing Innaphi

ENAPHIS are very colorful and attractive. Females wear these to cover their upper body. These are transparent and rectangular shape. Innaphis are available in different colors and designs. It is the perfect one to pair  with Mapan Naibi. Innapi is worn with a pair of beautiful blouse.



  1. I find very rare articles related to Manipuri Embroidery….Being a Manipuri I didn’t have any knowledge about i and am glad that I found this short article!

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