Manipur – Sanagi Marum Kokpi Uchek (A Jeweled Land)


People travel from one place to another to experience something. Yes! Make sure to visit Manipur which is one of the most famous north-eastern states of India in your next vacation. There are thousands of things you can see and do with the lovely destination. Capital City Imphal attracts the attention of travellers by its multiple buildings and markets. Eye-catching destinations you can visit are listed below:

  • EMA KEITHEL – Biggest market in Imphal. It is the one and only Female market in the whole world.
  • THE KANGLA – Palace, where the kingdom of Manipur was established.
  • MAPAL KANGJEIBUNG – Official venue for world famous POLO GAME (in Manipuri language known as – Sagol Kangjei).
  • LOKTAK LAKE – Fresh Water Lake situated in Moirang. The lake is unique in the whole world in-terms of scenic beauty, ecosystem and habitat.
  • KEIBUL LAMJAO NATIONAL PARK – It is protected national park, which is home to state animal SANGAI (Brown Antlered Deer).
  • SANTHEI NATURAL PARK – The natural park is located in Andro and it is the perfect destination where you soul can connect with the beauty of Mother Nature.

Anyway, the space is not enough to mention all the stunning places of the state. Make sure to fly to Imphal and explore the captivating venues mentioned above.

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