Things To Do in IMPHAL CITY, Manipur

If you really want to experience the crowded lifestyle of Manipur then IMPHAL CITY is the starting region. Here listed some of the fun activities you can enjoy in the commercial city. Scroll your mouse and check-out one-by-one:


Paona Bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars in the state of Manipur. The bazaar is located in Imphal city. It was named after the Paona Brajabashi, great patriot during the British colonial time in 1891 in Manipur. For a couple of hours you can enjoy shopping in the bazaar. Here available varieties of products like imported products from Mayanmar and other local items.


The state is famous all over the world for its mosaic fashion of art and culture. The Kakhulong Kabui Village is mainly populated by Kabui community. Kabuis are the indigenous people of the state. They take pride of their unique culture and tradition. You can spend some unforgettable moments by travelling across the narrow streets of the village. Interact with local people and experience their lifestyle.


Masjid Road, Imphal is one of the crowded streets in Imphal City. Sides of the street are dotted with multiple shops. Shops in the lanes are selling leather goods, consumer goods and so on. Ride the cycle across the narrow lanes and experience the crowded bazaar.


Shamu Makhong in the heart of Imphal City is a historical landmark. You can discover the history of the location when you stopped your ride here. Here is a unique statue, which signifies the cultural ethos of a fascinating past incident occurred in the olden times of Manipur. The statue is facing towards the Kangla.


The world knows that MODERN POLO originated from Manipur. So, here is your fifth stop-over. Polo Ground is the official ground for playing polo. From time-to-time organizes various state, national and international level polo game competitions here. Lush green ground will surely attract your attention.


Shaheed Minar is located in the lush green Bir Tikendrajit Park in the heart of Imphal city. It is the tallest historical monument dedicated to the high spirited martyrs of Manipur who fought the British during the Anglo-Manipuri War occurred in the year 1891.


Ima Keithel is also known as Khwairamband Bazaar. Ima Keithel us the main market of the state. The market holds a unique tag of being the world’s only market owned and operated exclusively by WOMEN. There are more than 3,000 shops selling products including handloom, handicrafts, fresh produce, clothes, fish and flowers. In the market available varieties of traditional colorful attires. The market is one of the hotspot tourist places in the whole state.


Thangal Bazaar located very close to the Ima Keithel is a perfect place in the heart of Imphal city for a great time with your near and dear ones. Here located various banks like S.B.I, AXIS Bank, ICICI Bank and YES Bank. There are also many budget hotels. The destination is one of the best spots to hangout for a couple of hours.

Enjoy time with lots of fun and entertainment. Safe stay and travel in Imphal!!!


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